Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Test Your Eyes: Which One Makes You More Dizzy? (It Comes AGAIN!)

From the feedback of the last post of "Test Your Eyes", the participants are feeling strong difference between polygon tunnel and cylindrical tunnel, almost all the feedback are saying polygon tunnel makes them more dizzy.

The only difference between polygon tunnel and cylindrical tunnel is the former has rapid changing corners. And my assumption is people get sick from integrate the corner change.

But from the implementation aspect of view, polygons are easier to use if we want generate dynamic game scenes, and low-polygons are always cheaper for rendering.

Inspired by last source in optical illusion, we decide to change the texture pattern in the tunnel and see how we can decrease the dizzy effects in the polygon tunnel.

And here's the result, let's test our eyes again. (These two shares the same mesh structure, the only difference is the texture)

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