Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Find a simple illustration of our game concept

There is an old but interesting game called Heilopter Game

In this game, players are controlling the height of the helicopter by clicking the left button of mouse.
There are many similarities between our game and this one:
1. One degree of freedom.
2. Endless stage.
3. Dynamically generated scene.
4. Obstacle avoidance
5. Main goal of the game is getting higher score (by keeping the avatar not die...).

The difference between ours and the helicopter are:
1. We have 3D scenes and fancy graphics effects.
2. We provide body movement controllers.
3. We add more elements like acceleration strips, dynamic bonus/obstacles.
4. We have physical-based effects.

We think sticking with classic game ideas is a good start.
All we should do is adding a lot of new elements to a simple concept.

-Keep the concept easy and make the game fun by adding more elements. That's the guideline we always want to follow.

Hope you enjoy the helicopter game:)

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