Monday, October 31, 2011

Start Menu GUI Detail

We have implemented most parts of start menu GUI and connected it to the game scene.

As mentioned before, we use doors in the tunnel to act as the menu GUI for the game. Now we have three doors, which are:

Main Menu with four buttons as "Game Mode""Options""High Scores""Quit Game"
Game Mode Menu with three buttons as "Classic Mode""Time Mode""Go Back"
High Scores Menu with "Go Back" Button

We have also added some more detailed animations to the menu, for example, the button will "stand up" when a user puts the mouse on it. Light will also be turned on and gear will spin before the door opens.

We will apply the animations to all of the parts of the doors and implement all of the functions including Options and High Scores. We will also modify the scene transfer to make it smoother instead of  convert the camera from the menu to the game directly.

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  1. Thats pretty much the start of it. You'll have to really edit this though and add what you need, but thats the basic stuff. French doors Melbourne