Monday, October 3, 2011

High Concept

Sliding in the Deep
Keen Sun, Robin Feng, Tiantian Liu

High Concept
Sliding in the Deep delivers a stunning motion-controlled tunnel experience. Test your agility in an ultimate challenge with smooth 3D graphic. Concentrate, keep your body moving and score as high as possible!
  • Highly Immersed Game Experience: We allow players use body movement to control the avatar, together with the first person camera to make players wholly immersed. We are not going to use Kinect because we would like to use least expensive devices but still bring the users maximum involving experience. We will capture the user’s face position and trace it during the game to control the avatar.
  • Diverse Bonus/Obstacles: There are many kinds of obstacles with different shapes and sizes which will make benefits/troubles to players.
  • Fancy Graphics Effects: Smooth and appealing visual effects give players the best sense of speed. Players will get dizzy when hit the obstacles. The view will be blurred when get accelerated. The textures of the tunnel, sliding speed of the player and the locations of the obstacles will be carefully designed to avoid inconvenient feelings.
  • Dynamic Scene Generation: Game scenes are generated randomly and dynamically. Players will never get tired because they can never enter the same tunnel again.
  • Undo IT When Things Go Wrong: We provide a flashback function which gives players limited opportunities to restart at some previous time. Hope they won’t make the same mistake again.
  • Dual game mode: We will implement two game modes, classic mode and time mode. In classic mode, players have limited lifes, once they collide with some obstacles, they lose a life and game is over if they lose all the lifes. In time mode, game will ends after certain time, and players are spurred to run as much far as possible.

Player Motivation
Slide as deep as possible in the mysterious tunnel. Avoid collision with randomly raising obstacles. Get as more bonus as possible.
Tunnel speedy exploration / Somatic Game
Target Customer
Players who are looking for the ultimate immersed control experience, sense of speed and wonderful graphics.
Unique Selling Points
  • Highly accurate and interesting control method
  • Fancy visual effects
  • Dynamically generated scene
  • Flashback function
  • Dual game mode

Target Hardware
PC. For the best experience,  a webcam is needed.
Design Goals
Simple: Relatively slow sliding speed with fewer obstacles create an easy way to learn and play. Hints will also appear before the obstacles appear.

Hot: Fast action. Hints disappear and  more obstacles come up with various shapes, sizes and combinations.

Deep: Even faster if the player hits a accelerator. The tunnel will change more dynamically. Obstacles might move instead of stand still. Other tools are also available to create special effects like convert left/right direction.

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